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Technical publications

Real Time Response to the Landslide at the Lexington Apartments”

“Maneuvering the Maze of Heavy Metal Cleanup Standards – a Site-Specific Approach”

“External Monitoring of the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Project: Lessons of Experience”

“Application of Geophysics to North American Prehistoric Sites”

“An Evaluation of the Load-Displacement Behavior and Load Test Interpretation of Micropiles in Rock”

“Driven Pile Capacity in Clay and Drilled Shaft Capacity in Rock from Field Load Tests”

“Historic Hill Cemetery – Does it Contain Remains of General Anthony Wayne’s Cantonment at Legion Ville?”

“Temporary Excavation Support System for a New Railway Bridge and Highway Underpass in Pittsburgh”

“Physical, Mechanical, and Hydraulic Properties of Coal Refuse for Slurry Impoundment Design”

“Reliability of Estimated Anchor Pullout Resistance”

“Reliability Analysis of Anchored and Cantilevered Flexible Retaining Structures”

“Implementation of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications for Substructure Design”

“New Directions in LRFD for Soil Nailing Design and Specifications”

Geophysical Detection of Graves – Basic Background and Case Histories from Historic Cemeteries”

“Case Histories of DC Resistivity Measurements to Map Shallow Coal Mine Workings”

“Applications of the Electrical Resistivity Method for Detection of Underground Mine Workings”

“Condition Assessment of Buried Metal-Tensioned Elements”

“Surface Geophysical Methods for Detection of Underground Mine Workings”

“Geophysics Comes of Age in North American Archaeology”


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