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Energy & Utilities

D’Appolonia has grown to become a leader among engineering consultants in the energy industry.

Services Provided:

Siting Studies
Civil Design and Permitting
Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Development of Seismic Design Criteria
Power Plant Infrastructure Design/Rehabilitation
Waste Facility Design
Subsidence Evaluations
Environmental Assessment/Mitigation
Structural Design

For 50 years, D’Appolonia has provided engineering consulting services to the energy industry. We have been providing engineering, scientific and construction services to energy industry – including natural gas, coal, nuclear & petroleum clients – across the U.S. and abroad. Our services are regularly provided from the initial planning of projects through the design, permitting and construction phases.

Quality engineering design and support services and the understanding of subsurface conditions are essential to the successful completion of energy sector projects. Our expertise has proven to be a significant asset to our clients for the successful completion of pipeline, centralized impoundment, gas processing stations, and well pad development projects.