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D’Appolonia provides innovative and state-of-the-practice technical services to the mining industry.

Services Provided:

Mine Waste Facility Design & Permitting
Impoundment Closure and Reclamation Plans
Slurry Impoundment Re-staging and Expansion
Impoundment Risk Assessments
Mine Subsidence Analyses and Evaluations
Impoundment Breakthrough Evaluations
Peer Reviews and Audits
Freshwater Impoundment Design and Permitting
Site Development and Infrastructure
Seismic Design Criteria for Impoundments
Construction Monitoring and Certification
Forensics and Litigation Support

D’Appolonia has been actively involved in the mining industry through the planning, design, permitting, construction monitoring, inspection, abandonment, and reclamation of coal refuse disposal facilities since the early 1970s. Our achievements include the development of design approaches and construction details for deeply buried flexible conduits, internal dam drains, and mine seals, all of which have subsequently become standard practice in the industry.

D’Appolonia was the first to utilize cone penetrometer testing and laboratory cyclic triaxial testing of fine coal refuse to address liquefaction potential at impoundments with upstream construction. Our expertise includes evaluating subsidence potential and impacts and the location of abandoned mine works using geophysical methods. D’Appolonia’s innovative and state-of-the-practice technical services to the mining industry are notable aspects of our business.