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We are experienced in working with tight schedules.

Services Provided:

Site Surveying and Reconnaissance
Site Geotechnical Exploration
Demolition Plan Preparation
Site Layout and Grading Plan Preparation
Stormwater Management
Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Flood Studies
Site Utility Design
Roadway/Parking Lot Design
Permitting Requirements
Cost Development and Scheduling
Bid Package Preparation
Funding Assistance

D’Appolonia provides a complete range of engineering services pertaining to industrial and commercial site development including site exploration, wetlands delineation, development of site conceptual layout plans, grading plan preparation, demolition plan preparation, design of stormwater management components, preparation and implementation of erosion and sedimentation control plans, layout and design of site roadways and parking facilities, site utility design, and permitting for all aspects of site development. We prepare plans and specifications for construction, and we routinely prepare bid packages, solicit and evaluate bids, and provide recommendations relative to contractor selection. We also frequently provide assistance relative to project planning and scheduling and with respect to gaining funding for development activities. We are experienced in working with tight schedules, and we know how to facilitate obtaining regulatory approvals.