It is often required that all or portions of existing structures be removed from the site. These structures may be associated with environmental contaminants that must be disposed of in licensed facilities. D’Appolonia is experienced in the development of demolition plans and the associated permitting, logistical requirements and site supervision. We prepare conceptual site layouts and work with clients to develop schemes that meet their development goals within their fiscal constraints. We work with architects in the preparation of the layout plans to optimize site grading. Typically we try to balance excavation and fill volumes to minimize costs associated with either importing fill material or disposing of unsuitable material. We are experienced in adapting developments and related structures to a wide variety of soil and rock conditions and to difficult terrain such as the steeply sloped sites. We routinely design retaining walls and mechanically stabilized earth slopes that maximize the usable space for site facilities.

Demolition in progress at former steel mill site.

Descriptions of D'Appolonia projects with components related to demolition, site layout and site grading are provided in the following:


Remediation and Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites

D'Appolonia has provided environmental and civil engineering services for redevelopment of brownfield sites. This work has included preparation of demolition plans and monitoring of demolition and environmental remediation activities.

Environmental Remediation of Former Steel Manufacturing Site

D'Appolonia provided engineering services related to redevelopment of a former steel plant. The scope of work included extensive demolition and removal of contaminated materials including asbestos-containing insulation, roofing and siding.

Site Development Engineering for Power Plant Construction

D'Appolonia provided site development services for a 22-acre site selected for construction of a 250-MW gas-fired electric generating station. The scope of work included site exploration, preparation of a site grading plan, and identification of an excess material disposal area. We also designed and handled the permitting activities related to erosion and sedimentation control for stormwater discharges during construction.

Millcreek Superfund Site Restoration and Redevelopment

D’Appolonia was retained by the PRP Group for the Millcreek site to review the remedial design. The original design was found to have some deficiencies, and D'Appolonia prepared a revised design that addressed some technical problems and saved an estimated $1.3 million in construction costs. Our responsibilities included hydrological and hydraulic analyses, development of conceptual reuse plan including site grading, and construction monitoring.