D'Appolonia's services for USTs have included tank assessments, tank closure, environmental remediation, tank reinstallation, and report preparation as discussed in the following:

Tank Assessments

Tank assessments typically consist of site reconnaissance, review of inventory records and tank integrity data, and subsurface exploration with laboratory testing. The assessment is conducted to determine the nature and extent of impacted soils and ground water which may be encountered. Tank assessments are generally performed in support of tank closures or property transactions.

Tank Closure

Tank closure plans are developed from site records and tank assessments, as necessary, to identify anticipated soil and ground water control requirements, to address utilities and adjacent structure concerns, and to determine if tank removal or in-place closure is appropriate. Field documentation of tank closures and removals include continuous monitoring of the excavation to segregate the impacted soil from the clean soil. Post-excavation sampling and laboratory analyses are performed to document environmental conditions and to determine remediation requirements.

Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation typically involves the development of alternatives for the removal or treatment of impacted soil and ground water. Remediation alternatives for impacted soil generally include off-site thermal destruction or landfilling, or on-site bioremediation and soil venting. Remedial measures for impacted ground water may include monitoring/recovery wells and interceptor trenches for ground water pump and treat systems or hydraulic gradient control.

Tank Reinstallation

Often, new tanks are installed prior to or during closure of existing storage tanks. New tank locations are selected based on site constraints, subsurface conditions, and monitoring system preferences. Existing site conditions should be well documented to allow accurate monitoring of the new tank conditions.

Report Preparation

D'Appolonia personnel are experienced in data collection, field documentation, and effective communication as well as the preparation of data and documentation reports. As part of our services for underground storage tanks, our personnel typically prepare detailed reports documenting the assessment, closure, reinstallation activities, testing procedures, and test results for submittal to regulatory agencies.

Excavation and removal of underground storage tank.

Descriptions of D'Appolonia projects involving underground storage tanks are provided in the following:


Removal and Replacement/Closure of Underground Storage Tanks

D'Appolonia provided environmental and geotechnical engineering services for underground storage tank closure/replacement at parcel distribution centers throughout western Pennsylvania for a major express delivery company. Engineering services were provided in three separate phases for most sites in order to provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for environmental concerns and to meet regulatory requirements.

Geotechnical Services for the City of Pittsburgh

D'Appolonia has provided civil, geotechnical, and environmental consulting engineering services to the City of Pittsburgh's Department of Public Works for more than 100 individual projects including preparation of plans and specifications for abandonment of USTs.