D'Appolonia staff have extensive experience in solid waste management, including:

  • Regional solid waste management planning
  • Siting, permitting, and design for new disposal facilities
  • Environmental assessment of existing waste disposal facilities
  • Evaluation of landfill operations
  • Hydrogeologic assessments and monitoring of landfills
  • Design and implementation of landfill closure plans

Responsibilities have ranged from planning and economic evaluations, site selection studies, geologic/hydrogeologic investigations, conceptual/detailed designs, to preparation of permit documents, development of construction plans and specifications, cost estimates, construction quality assurance plans, and post-construction operation and maintenance plans. Many of these landfills involved state-of-the-practice designs including clay and synthetic primary and secondary liners, composite, or soil cap systems, leachate collection and detection systems, surface water controls, HELP model evaluations, active or passive landfill gas control systems, ground water monitoring, access road design, on-site leachate treatment plant design or evaluation/design of a system for off-site treatment, and maintenance plans. We have geotechnical, geoenvironmental, and hydrological engineering experience related to landfills, familiarity with field and laboratory methods, and an awareness of current solid waste regulations and construction practices.

Installation of HDPE liner as part of waste storage impoundment construction.

Descriptions of D'Appolonia projects related to landfills and the preparation of closure plans are provided in the following:


Preparation of Landfill Operation and Closure Plans

D'Appolonia prepared a closure plan that included plans and specifications for perimeter leachate collection, surface drainage, a cover system, and an access road around the perimeter of the landfill. A 30-mil HDPE liner was incorporated into the cover design based on deformation behavior and long-term performance characteristics. D'Appolonia was also responsible for the preparation of health and safety, QA/QC and post-closure maintenance documents as part of this effort.

RCRA Facility Site Assessment, Permitting, Monitoring and Closure

D'Appolonia performed and assessed ground water and waste monitoring and prepared permit applications and design documents for operation and closure of a RCRA facility at an operating steel mill. We demonstrated to regulatory authorities that on-site materials were suitable for an engineered fill and cap system, thus saving the cost of importing more than 25,000 cubic yards of material.

Assessment and Closure of Uncontrolled Dump Site

D’Appolonia provided environmental services for a waste disposal site encompassing about two acres of land in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. This site had been used for the disposal of a mixture of industrial and municipal solid waste by the owners of a nearby landfill in the 1960s. D’Appolonia designed the removal operations, managed the bidding process, and monitored the removal of the waste to a nearby landfill under PADEP Act 2 protocols and managed subsequent land reinstatement activities. A total of 10,800 cubic yards of residual waste (municipal/industrial waste and contaminated soil and mine spoil) were disposed of at the landfill.