D’Appolonia is experienced with respect to site development permitting issues. We understand regulatory requirements and work with regulators to expedite the permitting process. We frequently prepare bid packages for construction of facilities that we have designed. This may require identification of potential bidders, development of a bid form, preparation and mailing of the bid package, leading pre-bid site visits and meetings, preparation of addenda, evaluation of bids, and recommending a bidder for award of the project. We typically prepare engineer’s construction cost estimates and schedules for site development work. We are also experienced in aiding clients to obtain funding for development projects. These efforts have included funding of projects through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), Community Block Fund Grants, PENNVEST, Pennsylvania Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF), and federal funding through a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers administered program.

D'Appolonia performed extensive permitting and provided support with funding assistance applications for redevelopment activities at this former steel plant site.

Some descriptions of D'Appolonia projects related to permitting, cost development, scheduling and funding assistance are provided in the following:


Redevelopment of Abandoned Former Industrial Site

D’Appolonia engineered the site redevelopment and provided environmental remediation planning for a former steel plant site. Our responsibilities included civil design, preparation of demolition plans, and permitting. We also provided direct assistance to the redevelopment authority with their application for state funding for the project.

Manufacturing Site Development and Permitting

D’Appolonia performed a site assessment study to evaluate the economic feasibility for several proposed facility locations within a 20-acre area. Our responsibilities included preparation of a permit application for fill placement adjacent to a stream and for surface mining of clay associated with brick manufacture. We also conducted design and permitting activities related to site utilities including water and sewer.

Design/Construction Monitoring of Coal Refuse Disposal Facility

D’Appolonia provided engineering and construction monitoring for development of a slurry impounding coal refuse disposal facility. The work included site exploration, site grading, road design, erosion and sedimentation control, permit preparation and technical liaison with regulatory agencies.