D'Appolonia prepares designs for potable and industrial water distribution systems and storm and sanitary sewer collection facilities for site development projects. We have developed specific designs to meet capacity requirements based on projected usage, applicable regulations and commercial and institutional design requirements. We have prepared permit applications, monitored system construction, and coordinated installations with governing agencies. Sewer system designs have included both pressure and gravity flow systems to tie into existing infrastructure. We generally subcontract the electrical, mechanical, and HVAC aspects of site development, and we have developed long-standing relationships with our engineering subcontractors. Many of our site development projects involve the design and construction of parking lots, parking garages, and site roadways. We design subbase and pavement systems and prepare plans and specifications for their construction. Our plans and specifications typically include features for controlling runoff consistent with the stormwater management plan and for mitigating adverse ground water impacts. We routinely provide monitoring services associated with construction of site infrastructure.

D'Appolonia provided site development services for this university building located on a steep hillside.

Descriptions of some D'Appolonia site development projects involving site grading, site utility layout, and roadway and parking lot design are provided in the following:


Civil Design and Utilities for University Building

For a university building in Pittsburgh constructed into a steep hillside, D'Appolonia was responsible for site utility services; pavements, roadways, and sidewalks; and surface water collection and detention structures. We also evaluated designs for the building foundations.

Redevelopment of Abandoned Former Industrial Site

D'Appolonia engineered the site redevelopment and provided environmental remediation planning for a 24-acre portion of a former steel plant. Our responsibilities included site grading, site roadways and parking, stormwater management, and site utilities including sanitary sewer system and electric, telephone and potable water.