As part of industrial and commercial site development, provisions must be made for handling of increased or redirected stormwater runoff from a site as the result of implementation of development plans. Typical provisions may include check dams, detention basins, underground detention tanks, bioretention or other structures that control site discharges to levels consistent with local regulatory requirements. We are experienced in the application of hydrology and hydraulic engineering principles associated with the design of stormwater management systems. Erosion and sedimentation control plans are also a component of projects involving construction and D’Appolonia routinely develops and implements such plans. Some sites may require additional measures relative to determination of design basis flood levels (e.g., 100-year flood elevation at the site) and the design of measures to mitigate the potential effects of flooding. Such measures could include raising the elevation of critical structures, designing protection systems (dikes, levees, etc.), or altering the characteristics of the stream channel to lower potential flood elevations. D’Appolonia is experienced in designing and implementing such measures in a cost-effective manner.

Underground pipe/tank stormwater detention system designed by D'Appolonia.

Some descriptions of D'Appolonia site development projects with components related to stormwater management, erosion and sedimentation control, and flood studies are provided in the following:


Site Development Services for a New Car Dealership

D'Appolonia provided site development consulting engineering services for a new car dealership. The services included: wetlands delineation, geotechnical exploration, foundation recommendations, pavement design, stormwater system design, site grading design, erosion and sedimentation control plan, and handling all permitting requirements.

Site Engineering Services for Residential Home Development

D'Appolonia was retained by a site developer to prepare a stormwater management plan for a 100-acre residential development. The work included design of a dam, spillway and reservoir for providing required stormwater detention and improving the aesthetic quality of the development.

Catfish Run Relocation and Realignment

D’Appolonia developed construction and permitting documents for the South Park Catfish Run relocation. The work included topographic mapping, geotechnical exploration, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, wetlands delineation, preparation of an erosion and sedimentation conrol plan and coordination of federal, state and local permitting.

Dry Well Assessment and Stormwater Management at Air Base

D'Appolonia was responsible for a comprehensive program to survey, assess and manage dry wells at the Aviano Air Base in northeast Italy. The work included data collection and mapping, review of stormwater management issues, and development of a stormwater management plan to identify and mitigate possible sources of contamination.