Mining operations typically have substantial infrastructure related to the extraction of the coal or ore, processing of the mined material, separating rock and other undesirable material from the raw coal or ore, disposing of or containing waste materials, and transporting the mined material from the site. Facilities required may include mill buildings, crusher buildings, washing facilities, conveyors, bins and silos, platforms, pump stations, piping and pipe supports, culverts, sediment control ponds, surface drainage, site access and haul roads, and office buildings. D’Appolonia is experienced in the design of slurry and refuse impoundments, all aspects of site drainage and storm water management, and the design of access and haul roads. Our experience also includes design of foundations for static and dynamic loading associated with mine equipment and structures. We routinely develop subsurface exploration and laboratory testing programs related to siting and of structures and design of their foundations. We routinely handle permitting issues with state and federal agencies, and we prepare plans and specifications for our designs and monitor the construction.

Coal conveyor constructed at Western Pennsylvania mine site.

A profile for a D'Appolonia project involving the design and construction of mine infrastructure is provided in the following:


Ground Improvement for Coal Refuse Conveyor Tunnel Construction

D’Appolonia was retained to investigate an abandoned coal mine and to determine its possible effect on a tunnel to be constructed through the area. We developed a program of grout injection through 100-foot-deep boreholes to stabilize loose and/or unstable rock conditions. The grouting program successfully mitigated the poor tunnelling conditions and allowed the tunnel to be completed on schedule.

Foundation Study for Rail Loadout Facility at Coal Mine

D'Appolonia was retained to perform a geotechnical field exploration program and to provide foundation recommendations related to construction of a coal loadout facility at a mine site in Southeastern Ohio. We recommended that the structures be placed on deep foundations extending to bedrock or to a depth sufficient to gain the required support. We provided recommendations for bond strengths, allowable factors of safety and lateral load capacity for the drilled shaft alternatives.