D'Appolonia has facilitated redevelopment of industrial and steel making sites in the Ohio and Monongahela River Valleys. We have employed various remediation alternatives associated with Pennsylvania’s Act 2 of 1995 and similar laws to help redevelopers mitigate environmental liabilities associated with these properties. Our approach typically includes:

  • Initial evaluation focusing on site redevelopment potential and possible environmental liabilities involving review of environmental records and the industrial processes used at the site.

  • Detailed environmental assessment to determine remediation requirements and to develop baseline environmental conditions for use in agency agreements.

  • Preparation of demolition and remediation specifications for asbestos abatement, removal of bulk materials and residual waste, and contaminated soil remediation or containment. Specifications include appropriate health and safety precautions and also address removal, handling, and disposal of hazardous wastes. We also provide plans and specifications for site redevelopment including stormwater conveyance systems, roads and parking areas, and retaining walls.

  • Monitoring of demolition and environmental remediation, record keeping of waste removal and disposal. Unanticipated conditions are quickly characterized and addressed so that costly delays are avoided.

  • Assembly of all characterization and disposal records at the completion of the project. These records are used to demonstrate that risks to human health and the environment have been addressed, to document proper waste disposal, and to obtain releases from environmental regulators relative to further environmental liability.

Aerial view of D'Appolonia steel plant site redevelopment project near Pittsburgh.

Some descriptions of D'Appolonia industrial site remediation and redevelopment projects are provided in the following:


Redevelopment of Abandoned Former Industrial Site

D’Appolonia engineered the site redevelopment and provided environmental remediation planning for an approximately 24-acre portion of a former integrated iron and steel plant.

Remediation and Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites

D’Appolonia has facilitated the redevelopment of several former steel and glass making sites in the Ohio and Monongahela River Valleys. We typically employ remediation alternatives associated with Pennsylvania's Act 2 of 1995 and similar laws to aid redevelopers in mitigating environmental liabilities associated with former industrial properties.