D'Appolonia is experienced in planning, managing, and conducting broad-scope site environmental assessments and environmental impact studies. Our senior staff has a long involvement with the evolution and current status of environmental regulations in the U.S. and abroad. We offer the complete breadth of technical and project management expertise required to prepare Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements. We have provided these services for the following types of projects:

  • Residential, commercial and industrial site development
  • Mine development
  • Mine tailings disposal
  • Highway, pipeline, and transmission line rights-of-way
  • Nuclear power and fuel fabrication sites
  • Fossil fuel power projects
  • Dredging projects
  • Hydropower development
  • Landfill operations
  • Hazardous waste disposal projects
D'Appolonia is experienced in performing reconaissance and sampling activities in protective gear at environmental project

Descriptions of typical D'Appolonia projects with Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement components are provided in the following:


Site Assessment and Remediation for Former Steel Plant Site

D’Appolonia was retained by a county redevelopment authority to assess the potential impacts of site environmental conditions on the redevelopment schedule and budget associated with a 24-acre parcel that had been part of a former integrated steel-making facility in Western Pennsylvania.

Environmental Assessment of the Blackwood Mine Site

D’Appolonia was retained by the Pennsylvania Department of Military Affairs (PADMA) to perform an environmental site assessment in accordance with ASTM E 1527. Site reconnaissance activities were conducted both on the ground and from the air because of the large size of the site and difficult access conditions.

Hydrogeologic Characterization for Coal Tar Waste Remediation

At the site of a former manufactured gas plant known to contain coal tar wastes, D’Appolonia was retained by the owner to develop and implement a site exploration program for assessing the local hydrogeology and ground water conditions in site subsurface soils and bedrock.

Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study for Aviano Air Base

D'Appolonia investigated subsurface contamination and developed remedial cleanup designs for 18 separate areas located at sites for which the Aviano Air Base is responsible. Of these 18 sites, eight were located within the facility itself and an additional ten sites, referred to as Geographically Separate Units (GSUs), were located away from the base.

Office Development at Steeply Sloping Suburban Pittsburgh Site

D'Appolonia evaluated the feasibility of a steeply wooded hillside in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a multi-story office building and parking garage complex. The scope of work included a subsurface exploration program and a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.